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Thread: Web Forum Structure Development -Searching for a Documentation Template

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    Web Forum Structure Development -Searching for a Documentation Template

    Hi! I was asked by a client to develop a web forum, in structure and content. My question is, how do I document the structure of a forum, for my client? Is it done as a site map? a mock-up? a diagram? Does anyone have a template that I can use, to customize how I would like the structure of the forum to look? Any ideas, pointers or professional recommendations? I am looking for formalize this process.

    Also, any suggestions to sites, about how to develop forums (not from a programming point of view) in terms of structure?

    Thanks in advanced!!!

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    Well without knowing the subject matter it's difficult to make suggestions but basically I would write it out as an xml document. If their general topic can be subdivided, you would make those the individual forum category names. If not, then you don't need any subdivisions. That's about the best I can do with the information given.

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