What are the best commercially hosted, English AND Spanish language compatible, forums providers on the market nowadays, please? Some options are presently on my radar, but my list is likely incomplete:

***VBulletin: I've seen postings saying that VBulletin is good, but apparently it's NOT commercially hosted. That could be a problem for those of us who aren't focused on server-coding. Meanwhile:

***Invision: I've also seen that Invision is popular, according to Alexa.com:


They've been around for nearly a decade too, suggesting they're not so potentially unreliable as to shut down and leave community managers stranded.

***PHPBB doesn't appeal too much, because it's apparently noncommercial so updates aren't as likely to emerge efficiently, while one apparently has to host it one's self, too.

Are there OTHER good forum service-providers that are commercially hosted and are English / Spanish compatible, while being capable of maintaining a substantial registered membership base too? Ideally the software language used would be popular enough so that if one has to migrate the community to a different service provider for whatever reason, the data could be readily transferrable.

Any thoughts please?