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Thread: Hide/Show Columns in Table with CSS

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    Hide/Show Columns in Table with CSS

    I have a large table, and have classes on the TD's I want to toggle. This works fine in IE8, FF, Chrome, etc. However in IE7 and IE6, the class switching on the table doesn't seem to take effect. If I go into the IE developer toolbar, and manually turn the CSS class off and on, it then works, but I have to do that each time.

    I found one place suggesting to toggle the visibility and display properties of the table, which is why you'll see the table flash when you click Show 1.

    Here is a test page I set up: http://www.athletic.net/Demo/Josh/Te...sSwitching.htm

    Any ideas?


    PS - I've also posted this question here:

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    Sorry about that! Thanks for letting me know.

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