Ok, as Fang suggested, I'm making a thread on my specific problem.

I have an html that contains a flash movie and I want to open that movie on a specific frame. So I have developed this function that comes right after the </head> part of the code:

<body onLoad="javascript:window.document.player.GotoFrame(8);
Now, IE has no problem with it - the movie loads up exactly on the desired frame right away. Firefox, however, ignores it every time the page is opened from the original link.

The only way to activate this function is to manually refresh the page with the Firefox's button. If I go back in history and then click on the link again it opens this page in the same manner.

No other way than refreshing would activate it, therefore the movie always opens itself on the 1st frame.

What should I go to activate this function the first time around once it gets open?