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Thread: Scripting Help?

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    Scripting Help?

    Hello All:

    I am just learning JavaScript, and it's something that gets done in my spare time. I'm a fourth-year college student, so spare time is certainly a commodity! As I said, I'm just learning, so it would be great if someone could help me with the following:
    I have created different greetings for various times of the day. However, I want to recognize my Jewish site visitors.... Therefore, I want to create a script so that visitors will see "Shabbat Shalom" during the Sabbath--Friday at sundown until sundown on Saturday. I'm not quite sure how to go about creating such a script to execute this thing. I hope this isn't too terribly confusing. Thanks for your assistance!


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    Lightbulb Post some code ...

    Post some code for what you have attempted thus far.

    I'll be glad to comment on or add to your attempts, but my spare time is a commodity as well so it is easier to start from your attempt than to break new ground that may or may not fit your design goals.

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