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Thread: "Save As" File Dialog to store local path

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    "Save As" File Dialog to store local path

    I am working with a activeX widget that has a method that produces an image which is saved to a users local machine. All the method requires is the path on the local machine. I need to obtain this path (hopefully utilizing a "save as" file dialog) and store its value to a variable so I can pass it to the method. It does work with an input type="file" but they are branded for file uploads an dit is a little misleading and confusing for the user. Any ideas?


    var path = $("#saveAsDialog").val();

    - dptoot

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    save file as dialogs do not exist within html/javascript if you have access to the activex control code you should be able to extend it with a method which shows a save as dialog and call that function to get your file location.

    so something like

    var path = activeXObj.getpath();


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