Hello everyone,

How are all you fellow programmers on this fine "Monday" morning?

I wonder if anyone can help with a database dilemma that I am having please?

Platform: Ubuntu

I would really appreciate some advice on the correct avenue to take with a project I am working on.

What I have:
*I have a database that maintains a large table of articles. (similar to wordpress).
*I intend to relate a given article to another set of data. This set of data will be fairly huge.
*There maybe various sets of data that will be related.

The query:
* Is it better to contain these various large sets of data within the same database of articles, which will have a large set of traffic on it.
* Is it better to create different databases (on the same server) that relate by a primary key to the main database with the articles.

I didn't want to plough ahead with this without getting some advice or opinion from the community.

I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to offer some thought on the matter.

Many thanks