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Thread: How to Determine which function is running

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    How to Determine which function is running


    I have a page with a number of iframes and a couple thousand lines of javascript (which I won't ask you to troubleshoot -- everything works fine).

    The situation is that the cursor is flickering as though there's a javascript function continuously looping--which may be affecting performance.

    The question: Is it possible (and how) to determine which function is running? Where might I be able to find a log of the functions which have already ran?

    I suspect firebug or IE developer tools should have something like this but I cannot find any supporting documentation. Any ideas?


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    firebug, ie developer tools and chrome's inspect element all have some way to show the call stack.

    In chrome,

    1. right click and select inspect element
    2. click the "Scripts" tab
    3. on the left side line number bar, left click to add a break point
    4. refresh the page and it will stop on the break point
    5. on the right hand side, click call stack to make it slide down

    pretty much the same with the other tools too.

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