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Thread: IE 5 error.

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    IE 5 error.

    This site works in most browsers, but I've been told that in IE6 the composition breaks...any ideas to what needs to be changed?

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    I see a couple things. Yes the top menu breaks in IE6. First you have conflicting CSS here.

    #qm0 a {
    padding:5px 4px 7px;

    If you're going to text-align: center why are you setting a right margin too?

    Second, IE6 will not acknowledge the li:hover CSS. You have to use Javascript for this. Look up suckerfish menu. It's a pretty simple one to use and pretty lightweight.

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    For this site, I'm doing a recoding of an older layout that used tables. I "inherited" the navigation. Although I took out all of the absolute positioning for it - I missed the center and margin. Thanks. That helped the layout.

    As far as javascript. It looks like originally a "quickmenu" generator was used. I can't find any working javascript in the old site. In fact, I had a friend test the original site in IE6 and the navigation does not work there either... I bet as you said, its the li hover.

    I did find this script on the old site, but as I said it doesn't seem to work...Does it make any sense? Do you think I can salvage this code or should I redo the navigation using something like Suckerfish. Also, does it matter that IE6 doesn't render the rollover? Do most developers create a workaround with javascript?

    <script type="text/javascript">qm_create(0,false,0,500,false,false,false,false,false);</script>
    It accesses this javascript: qm_visual.js
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    Whether you use suckefish or any other javascript is not important. What is important is that you get it working and understand what you are doing right? Regarding IE6 many developers are ignoring it right now. I think that's a bad idea. There are still users all over the world that have not upgraded.

    I know in our company of 140,000 employees we are still on IE6. IT departments are skidish about Microsoft upgrades on a large scale. It can cause havoc and cost millions of dollars when things go wrong.

    I also know of a large university where my wife works that has the same opinion. No IE upgrades, no Vista. Microsoft finally got most of the bugs out of Windows XP and IE6. Many people are afraid of the new stuff.

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    Quite a few corporate users IE6 because of legacy applications issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harrierdh View Post
    Microsoft finally got most of the bugs out of Windows XP and IE6.
    IE6 is very buggy and includes many security issues and should be upgraded at the first possible moment.

    See the following resources:
    Internet Health Check
    IE6 at Work IT letter template

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