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Thread: How to do I Resolve Relative Server Links When my HTML Source is not on Server

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    How to do I Resolve Relative Server Links When my HTML Source is not on Server

    I would like to open an html file locally (not fetch it from a server) and somehow use javascript to fetch the relative resources from the server.

    One solution would be to convert all of the relative links to absolute links. I can convert the html source file anyway I wish, but ideally I would like to modify the html source as little as possible, for example insert a function that modifies the result of the src attribute.

    How would I go about this? Is there any trick I can use to define where the relative home is? Am I going to get into any scripting security gotchas?


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    You can use the html <base> element, in the head of the document, to resolve any relative links on the page.


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    you won't be able to fetch linked resources using ajax from a file-based html document.
    you can link to images, stylesheets, and javscripts on the remote server, but not html documents.
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    base element looks like exactly what I need.

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