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Thread: Chinese subject in mailto: anchor tag fails

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    Chinese subject in mailto: anchor tag fails

    We have email link in our web page. for chinese users we set subject("mailto:") in Chinese language..

    please send an e-mail to: <a href=mailto:support@mywebsite.com?subject=用户名>support@mywebsite.com</a>

    As like below link..Click it

    please send an e-mail to:support@mywebsite.com

    the problem is while clicking the email link it opens Outlook Express and put subject as some unknown characters like 用户名 .

    but it works fine for english characters and also the same result for encoding url(subject=%E7%94%A8%E6%88%B7%E5%90%8D)

    pls give some idea...thank you.

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    ascii characters are OK, other characters must be encoded
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