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Thread: Pull data from external site

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    Pull data from external site

    I tried look this up but I couldn't seem to find what I need.

    I want to pull the movie synopsis from Apple.com/trailers pages.

    This seems like it should be fairly easy considering that they are stored in a META tag near the top of each page no matter how it is displayed to the user (some pages use an old layout, some new).

    HTML Code:
    <meta name="Description" content="synopsis_text" />
    If I can get ahold of that line of code I just posted, I know how to split it up with PHP to get just the synopsis text, but I can't seem to figure out how to pull just that meta tag. I'd like to avoid pulling the whole page source if possible.


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    PHP Code:
    = new DOMDocument();
    $metas $dom->getElementsByTagName('meta');
    $metas as $meta)
    strtolower($meta->getAttribute('name')) == 'description')
    $desc $meta->getAttribute('content');
    If your host does not have allow_url_fopen enabled, you'll probably have to use the cURL functions to grab the HTML content, then use DOMDocument->loadHTML() instead of DOMDocument->loadHTMLFile().
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