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Thread: Bad name after fatalsToBrowser Error (Uber Upload)

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    Bad name after fatalsToBrowser Error (Uber Upload)

    Hi I'm trying to run a Perl CGI script using Uber Upload with xampp and I get this Flength file error in the browser.

    When I check the error log I see: Bad name after fatalsToBrowser

    What in the heck does that mean? Does this mean the versn of Perl I'm using is incompatible? That's the only thing I can think of right now..

    Thanks for reading this post.

    Your help/comments would be much appreciated.

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    Show the script please. If it is long, just a few first lines should do (definitely the one where fatalsToBrowser occurs).

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    Hey, thanks so much for responding. It turns out it was a simple syntax error with the way I was calling for the folders.

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