Hi Everyone,

I am wanting to implement the scrolling images (http://www.maaki.com/thomas/SmoothDivScroll/#quickdemo) on my site. Everything works fine, except, I want the photos to scroll in the opposite direction. Easy enough, I thought. Here's the JS code I have on my page:
<script type="text/javascript">
		$(function() {
			$("div#makeMeScrollable").smoothDivScroll({autoScroll: "always", autoScrollDirection: "endlessloop", autoScrollSpeed: 2, startAtElementId: "startAtMe"});
The autoScrollDirection gives me an endless loop, which I want, but, it's still going in the wrong direction. How can I turn this around, and still have an endless loop? If I replace "endlessloop" with either "left" or "right" it only scrolls for as many items (photos) as I have. For example, if I have ten photos, It'll only scroll right for ten photos, and then stop. I want this to continuously scroll toward the right side of my screen.

Any ideas here? Surely, this can't be too difficult to achieve, but I can't seem to find the correct parameters for this. The following link (linked from his site) is what makes this run, but I can't figure out how to reverse the scroll: http://www.maaki.com/thomas/SmoothDi...oll-0.9-min.js