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Thread: search overlay flash

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    search overlay flash

    hi guys
    how can i make my searc results appaers over the flash file?

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    anyone can help me with this issue?

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    Looks like you just need to use a wmode for the Flash. From an old post:
    Window Mode (wmode) - What's It For?
    There are three window modes.
    By default, the Flash Player gets its own hWnd in Windows. This means that the Flash movie actually exists in a display instance within Windows that lives above the core browser display window. So though it appears to be in the browser window, technically, it isn't. It is most efficient for Flash to draw this way and this is the fastest, most efficient rendering mode. However, it is drawing independently of the browser's HTML rendering surface. This is why this default mode (which is equivalent to wmode="window") doesn't allow proper compositing with DHTML layers. This is why your JavaScripted drop-down menus will drop behind your Flash movie.
    In windowless modes (like opaque), Flash Player doesn't have a hWnd. This means that the browser tells the Flash Player when and where to draw onto the browser's own rendering surface. The Flash movie is no longer being rendered on a higher level if you will. It's right there in the page with the rest of the page elements. The Flash buffer is simply drawn into whatever rectangle the browser says, with any Flash stage space not occupied by objects receiving the movie's background color.
    so use:
    <param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>
    in the <object> and this in the <embed>
    Best wishes,
    Eye for Video

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    thank you very much for your help
    it works

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