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Thread: Experiences with linkbuilding.net?

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    Experiences with linkbuilding.net?

    Hey - I've fallen into a odd situation, and the coffee lounge seemed to be as good as anywhere else to ask for help. I own a small website hosting and management services business. One of our clients received an offer from linkbuilding.net, proposing compensation for placing a link on the client's homepage, and my client is looking for a recommendation from me whether to proceed.

    The target website and the descriptive linking text appear acceptable, but experience has taught me to be skeptical of this type of unsolicited offer. If anyone has experiences with linkbuilding.net, either positive or negative, I sure would appreciate your feedback. I'm struggling with what to tell him. Thanks for your help.

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    A reciprocal url is a great method of using new link building tactics in order to ensure that you continue getting good partners to share their links. One important link building tactics is to never engage in link spamming. Your partner site should always be of better quality than you to enjoy guaranteed SEO services. ref: http://www.reciprocalurl.com/faq.aspx

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