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Thread: Help adding auto suggest to my code

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    Help adding auto suggest to my code

    What I Need:An auto-suggest feature(1) so that when a person types in an address and presses go it automatically brings down a menu to show a list of relevant addresses (for example someone types romford road, it will bring down the different "romford roads" that it can find), upon clicking the desired "romford road" it is then automatically marked on the map.

    How will it be used?Im using Google maps(2) with a FROM and TO text boxes, that when valid postcode/road names etc are typed in, it calculates the price based on distance. Adding an autosuggest will speed up the process.

    (1) http://www.edgwarelocalcars.co.uk/quote3999.html - This is the page I am currently using, when the customer fills in and presses calculate price, the price is shown along with the route plotted on the map. The calculate price button is then hidden and a "click here to book" is made visble which then passes on the various variables to a booking page.

    (2)http://groups.google.com/group/googl...37e5da8f930692 - The autosuggest feature on this page is EXACTLY what I need although I have no idea how to merge it with my one

    If anyone can help I would be great full


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    Thanks, very nice demos of autosuggest, a few of which I know about, but what I need is for it to be incorporated with google maps geocoder so that it gets the results from there and not hidden fields or whatnot if that makes sense.

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