Hi all,

I am a tester in configuration manager by profession so I know a bit about code, but I am not a developer. I can write batch and shell scripts and I am good with markup languages, but I know very little about javascript. I guess I know just enough to be dangerous. But I am trying to learn and all help will be greatly appreciated.

I have searched for an answer to this on the forum, but couldn't find anything I could understand.

I am trying to integrate a jquery script called livetwitter into a Joomla template called Iridium by RocketTheme. The Joomla template uses mootools which I understand is a different framework.

I have read that there are several hacks and plugins you can use with joomla to allow jquery to run. However, I dont understand what I must change to the call in the html to the jquery script. This is how the call from the developers site looks:

<div id="twitterUserTimeline" class="tweets"></div>
	<script type="text/javascript">

		// Basic usage
		$('#twitterSearch').liveTwitter('bacon', {limit: 5, rate: 5000});
		$('#twitterUserTimeline').liveTwitter('elektronaut', {limit: 5, refresh: false, mode: 'user_timeline'});

		// Changing the query
		$('#searchLinks a').each(function(){
			var query = $(this).text();
				// Update the search
				// Update the header
				return false;

(I hope that is all indented correctly)

Now I *think* with my dangerously small amount of knowledge that the problem is something to do with that "$" and the wrong javascript library being loaded... and that I need to specify a call to the jquery library.

The livetwitter script lives in the /js folder and is called jquery.livetwitter.js

I have emailed the author of the livetwitter scipt for advice, and been through the comments and docs for every jquery joomla plugin. None of them explain how I must change the above commands.

I hope that explains the situation and problem I am having. All help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance.