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Thread: Javascript Or Java Program For The Following Question

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    Question Javascript Or Java Program For The Following Question

    Q.1. Write a program, which will rewrite the string in the alphabetical order. For example the word "MOHAN" should be written as "AHMNO".
    Q.2. Write a program to count number of characters, words and lines in a file.
    Q.3. Write an applet with four check boxes and a text box. Text box should indicate how many check boxes are checked. When any of the check boxes is checked or unchecked the text box should be appropriate
    Q.4. Develop a simple real life application program to illustrate the use of multithreads.
    Q.5. Define an exception called "NomatchException" that is thrown when a string is not equal to "University". Write a program that uses this exception.
    Q.6. Develop an applet that receives three numeric values as input from the user and then display the largest of the three on the screen. Write a HTML page and test the applet.
    Q.7. Write a program in Java to display the following output using for loop.
    1 2 1
    1 2 3 2 1
    Q.8. Give an example where interface can be used to support multiple inheritance. Devlop a standalone Java program for the example.
    Q.9. Design a class to represent a bank account. Include the following members:
    Data members
    name of the depositor
    Account number
    Type of account
    Balance amount in the account
    To assign initial values
    To deposit an amount
    To withdraw an amount after checking balance
    To display the name and balance
    Q.10. Write a program to find the number of and sum of all integers greater than 100 and less than 200 that are divisible by 7.

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    Please Send The Answers To The Above Question

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    a java program which will read a string and rewrite it in alphabetical order

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    Quote Originally Posted by nananthramesh View Post
    Please Send The Answers To The Above Question
    Pay me or do your own homework.

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