Hi There,
I made layout for my website using css code(I centered the body and I defined the elements: header, footer, left area...)
Than I wanted to place an rollover image (button) into the page using Dreamweaver (Insert > Image Objects > Rollover Image). Image appeared. I saved the page to preview it in browser to check if it worked properly. I opened it with Firefox and it worked. Than I tried explorer but it didn't show anything (neither rollover image nor the page). There was no problem with preview the page with explorer before I put the rollover image into it, and there was no problem to preview blank page with just that rollover in it either, but it just didn't work together (no content appeared)
I checked the page source and I've learned, java script appeared in "head" and html code in "body".
I am just a beginner in web design so this problem might be silly but I would warmly appreciate any kind of advice how to solve it. Could you please advice me how to place rollover images (buttons) to my css layout or how to create a menu so it appears properly in both, firefox and IE?