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Thread: Table problems as well....

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    so...I am completely new to this and I am only doing it for a class project...kinda fun...but html sucks...anyway...

    I got the drop down menu to select the right company...so it then enters the "store ID" I selected into the right place....but then on my table it shows all my stores not just the one I selected...and I need it to show only the store I selected...what do I do?????

    Here is my code...

    <input type="Submit" value="Get store Info">
    <% ELSE %>
    <title>Your store inventory list</title>
    <h1>Inventory List</h1>
    Here is the inventory list for your store:<BR>
    <form method="post" action="UpdateInventory.asp">
    <input type=hidden name=storeid value=<%=Request.form("StoreID")%> >
    The inventory list you chose is for store number
    SQL = "SELECT storeid FROM StoreManager where StoreID=" & Request.form("storeid")
    set theusers=conn.execute(SQL)
    response.write theusers(0)
    SQL = "SELECT dbo.StoreManager.storeid, dbo.Inventory.itemid, dbo.Items.productname, dbo.Items.price, dbo.Items.cost, dbo.Items.description, dbo.Inventory.quantityonhand, dbo.Inventory.reorderpoint FROM dbo.Inventory INNER JOIN dbo.StoreManager ON dbo.Inventory.storeid = dbo.StoreManager.storeid INNER JOIN dbo.Items ON dbo.Inventory.itemid = dbo.Items.itemid" & Request.form("storemanager where storeid")

    set theusers=conn.execute(SQL)
    <table border=1>
    <th>Store ID</th>
    <th>Item ID</th>
    <th>Item Name</th>
    <th>Selling Price</th>
    <th>order Cost</th>
    <th>Item Description</th>
    <th>Quantity on hand</th>
    <th>Reorder Point</th>
    do while not theusers.eof
    response.write("<tr><td>"& theusers(0) & "</td><td>" & theusers(1) & "</td><td>" & theusers(2) & "</td><td>$"& theusers(3) & "</td><td>$"& theusers(4) & "</td><td>"& theusers(5) & "</td><td>"& theusers(6) & "</td><td>"& theusers(7) & "</td><td>" & "</tr>")

    Since I am new to this I think I have tried everything and it still is not working....Cindo

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    To begin with, change <th> and </th> into <td> and </td>.

    SORRY, this reply is nonsence. I take back my words. Good luck.

    Cheers, Jochem
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    "to live = to learn"

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