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Thread: Dedicated Server Hosting

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    Dedicated Server Hosting

    I'm looking for a reliable Dedicated Server Hosting Plan. I'm developing in ASP, and the site will be a e-commerce with shopping cart and all.

    Anything I should about this?

    I have been dealing with Shared Hosting all these years, so Dedicated Server is new to me.

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    after shared hosting, go for VPS,

    TRY softsyshosting.com, they are good

    for dedicated server


    many out there

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    Ya.it's really good idea to choose the dedicated hosting..Dedicated Hosting reduces your need to share hardware or software with other websites on a server. Users get the option to install which software they want and also provides secure environment for their site. If you compare shared hosting with a dedicated environment, Dedicated Hosting offers more reliability on a server in a much secured manner.I found this type of dedicated hosting packages at http://www.thewebpole.com/ . Here i found the six plans at cheap price..

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