I'm looking for general suggestions in regard to the following situation:

I designed/coded a basic XHTML/CSS website for a research group that is generally composed of lists of publications (four different project lists on separate pages composed of a list of publications). Each publication is composed of a description and possibly links to PDF's and PPT's. They are displayed using basic HTML lists.

The leader of the group would like an easy way (an interface/script) for the group to add documents to the appropriate list on the appropriate page. Yes, one would think it'd be simple enough to just edit the HTML code, but I'm not the boss in regard to those decisions.

So... having said all that, what would be the easiest/most convenient way (in your opinion) to generate and insert the proper HTML code to the top of the list? Would Perl scripting be a solution? Basic Unix shell scripting? Java?


Start of list
  • !!---Add new publication here---!!

  • pub_a

  • pub_b

  • pub_c

End of list

Note: PHP is unavailable on the particular server (for security reasons?), and the amount of content doesn't bring about a need for a dedicated SQL database.