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Thread: Form question - help required

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    Form question - help required


    Looking for any advice / help on the following....

    I am new to wed design / development and have recently set up a site for a client. There is a contact enquiry form on the site for which I have used wufoo form builder which works fine and sends the enquiry details to the relevant email address.

    My client now wants to be able to click reply to the email within their email programme so they do not have to copy and paste the details into a new mail message.

    I have no idea how to set this up and any help would be greatly appreciated. The url to my current form page is:


    Many Thanks


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    I have no clue how that program works, but you need to either set up a form with PHP or ASP.NET. Certainly not tooting my own horn, but it's ASP.NET, I wrote a brief article about it:


    PHP is much simpler, at least in the beginning.
    Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler.org

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    Thanks for your help Ryan.

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