Hey there folks. I have a task regarding forms and JavaScript. I've been reading for the past couple of weeks, but didn't find a popper solution to the task, here it is:

I have a form. Once the user clicks on the first <select> menu, second <select> menu must appear. After the user has clicked on the second <select> menu a final input field must appear. It goes like this:

Choose car type: car1,car2,car3...carN

After the user has chosen car type: engine1,engine2,engine3...engineN

After the user has chosen the engine: the price of the car appears.

After all of the inputs are completed a script takes the data and sends them to a given mail.

I've had some success with usableforms(quirksmode), but I don't know how to "extract" the price, since there are a lot of fields. Any suggestions are welcome.