I am totally new to Javascript. I can code in HTML/CSS and I have taught myself PHP.

I want to add a site search to a website. I have searched for various options, and feel that Google Ajax search API offers the best basis for this site search. But that means I need to learn Javascript, which I can hopefully do, but it will take some time.

I have been looking at n the web implementations of this Google freebie, and was advised that because I want to (I think) open the search results in a new page, not in the same page as the search box, I am not dynamically refreshing the page (for which JS is designed) but creating a new page. Thus I would be better to use server side scripting (i.e. PHP).

I wondered if anyone here could advise me please:

1. Has anyone used this Google resource to successfully develop a site search using Javascript?

2. Is it true that it would be easier in PHP?