We have recently launched our first web app -- iMapBuilder Online.

iMapBuilder Online is an online interactive map maker. You can use it to create clickable world map, country map, or custom interactive image maps, with clickable regions, points, mouseover effects and tooltip boxes.

Please check it at:


We would like to invite you to signup a free account, and instantly create interactive maps. You can then easily embed the interactive map to your own web page by copy and paste few lines of HTML code.

Main features:

  • Editing of maps right from browser, no need to download or install any program
  • Select ready-made map templates (e.g. world map, united state map, europe map, uk map, etc) and customize it easily, no coding required
  • Import your own map images and convert into clickable interactive image maps - PNG / GIF / JPG supported
  • Use it to create country maps, or clickable image maps of your own

Please let us know if you think the interface is easy to understand, and the web app can launch quickly and work smoothly in your browser?

Different from Windows software, we understand the web app might work differently for different users depending on OS and browser settings.