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Thread: 301 Redirect

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    301 Redirect

    I'm trying to set up a .htaccess redirect for a site I've inherited. It used to use php and strings - now it is straight xhtml.

    The previous web address would be:

    The new address is:

    Everything I try for the 301 redirect goes to a 404 error.

    For example:
    Redirect 301 /home_state.php?page=careers http://somesite.com/careers.html

    What else might I need in the .htaccess to make this work?

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    If you are getting the 404 error message you will have to check the apache server logs for the exact error message.

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    this is not sufficient code for htaccess file you have to write proper code and you can find very easily on the web. Just try once.

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    Thank you "thewebhostingdi" - the first error was that Shell was not enabled. I did that with the hosting company.

    The next step was creating the right code. What I was looking for was not easily explained on any website that I could find. I had a dozen bookmarked links, none of which clearly explained what I needed. However, here is the solution - just in case others would use this post to learn:

    First, make sure that this is included:
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    Next, this piece of code will redirect all exact site name changes such as
    to www.somesite.com/careers.html

    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} page=(.+)
    RewriteRule ^home_state\.php http://somesite.com/%1.html? [R=permanent,L]
    For renamed redirects, use individual code like this:
    RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} page=products1
    RewriteRule ^home_state\.php http://somesite.com/products.html? [R=permanent,L]
    The above code would redirect www.somesite.com/home_state.php?page=products1 to www.somesite.com/products.html
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