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Thread: Use HTML5 or otherwise

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    Use HTML5 or otherwise

    Hey folks, I have a background in traditional enterprise software, and I am trying to gain expertise on newer technologies. I will greatly appreciate, if you could help me understand, when to use HTML5, when to use Flash and when to use Silverlight. If you could point to some tools etc that will be helpful. Thanks for your help

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    In 10 years, to make games, never, respectively.

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    I use HTML5 right now. Google seems to like it, end users can't tell the difference, so I'd say start utilizing it now. Of course certain aspects I don't use (video, audio, canvas, etc), however just for markup instead of XHTML or HTML4 it's dandy.

    Flash we use just for the media players. Pretty much just as enhancements, games, videos, etc. Would never say for menus or whole sites.

    As for silverlight, very interested yet skeptical on it's outcome. Although media players done in silverlight are quite impressive.

    Unless code is provided or an exact example is requested I think I'm going to start using psuedo code from now on...

    Also, I freelance as well. Inquire within!

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