I've got 3 drop down boxes, the first is 'type' and the 2 others are 'subtypes'.
Basically, when either of the 2 options from 'type' are selected, I want a specific 'subtype' dropdown to display.

so far i have...

<select name="type" id="type" style="width:140px;" >
<option value="opt1" onchange="document.getElementById('subV').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('subP').style.display='none';">opt1</option>
<option value="opt2"
onchange="document.getElementById('subP').style.display='block'; document.getElementById('subV').style.display='none';">opt2</option>

and the other two dropdowns with the style display:none;.

How do i get this to work as there is no displaying of the 'subtypes'.

Cheers for any help!!