Hi -

This is the first website I've ever made. I do a totally different type of programming for my real job, but we decided to make a go at having our website in hopes that it will grow.

Here is a link: http://www.luckygamez.com

Also, some of the individual game pages seem to load slow (the main page and category pages seem fine). The browser on these pages always says "Waiting for gooogleads.g.doubleclick.net". I've thought maybe it says this when the game is loading (some games are at most ~15MB) because the game might be taking a long time to load and some Google thing gets stuck. However, if I do a test where I take the game out the browser still says "Waiting for gooogleads.g.doubleclick.net".

Any advice on what might make the game pages load faster? Some advanced technique where I load things differently or in parallel?

Any overall device for anything else I'm doing (or not doing)?