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Thread: Html Email Confrimation?

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    Html Email Confrimation?

    I want to create a link in a email template, that just auto sends an e-mail back to me telling me they clicked the link.
    Is there a code I can use for that? Or do I have to set-up in a way where the receiver actually has to reply to my e-mail?

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    I suppose I should have included a example:

    Hi John here's an appointment confirmation
    Click here to confirm. <-- Then once they clicked this it would auto send me a responce telling me they clicked, and prehaps give them a pop up that says "Thanks for confirming"

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    I realize your thoughts but i don't know about how using html send e-mails. You must learn php,mysql for this kind of works. Here html helps to send e-mail thats all.

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