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    I totally agree with what you are saying Steve.
    Having a signature that redirects members to other sites is definitely a No-No !
    But an animated signature of a username placed at the bottom of a post is totally harmless.
    The point here in issue is, why can't the members be told the minimum number of posts that has to be made
    before they maybe allowed to have a signature.
    Spamming signatures I would not allow even if a mamber has made numerous posts, or has been a member
    since the beginning of time.

    Cheers .... I wish you a good day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve R Jones View Post
    It has more to do with spammers and or people who's sole intention is to post junk for the sake of getting signatures to advertise their own interests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by web002 View Post
    hello there. I am new on this forum and I want to ask you somethink: why can't I put a signature on my profile?

    Thank you,
    hi, you need to have a reasonable amount of posts before you can post your signature .

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    A signature is a signature. They are either turned on based on post counts and or dates or they aren't. The vBulletin software doesn't have the ability to tell the difference between the types of signatures.

    Just think of "when" your signature show up as a surprise We don't mention the info in an attempt to keep people from posting a bunch of junk just to get their post count up.

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