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Thread: Password script will not execute!!!

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    Password script will not execute!!!

    I have a Javascript that executs on my test version of my Online website. When I upload it to my real website it does not work. The password has 3 html programs. The 1st when clicked goes to the script password screen.
    When the correct password is keyed in and Enter is pressed the logic sends it to a 3rd html program. I even made 3 programs and put in a special section on my web site for the folks at Dot5hosting to test it, but I think they don't know what they are doing. The following script was embedded in the proper html code in the head section and tested OK on my Vista laptop, except I got a yellow line at the top telling me to be aware I was running an activex script and after I OK'd it the script ran fine and sent me to the 3rd html pgm. The following is the script before I changed the two pgm names.
    <TITLE>Intermediate Page</TITLE>
    <SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
    var password=prompt('In what town did Cassy grow up?','');
    var mypassword="pembroke";
    if (password==mypassword)
    Nextnamed.html was changed to the 3rd pgm name
    previouslynamed.html was changed to the 1st pgm name

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    Is their JavaScript disabled?
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