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Thread: Images Multi Carousel

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    Images Multi Carousel


    I would like to create two sliders of images linked together and I was wondering if someone can send me a code sample or direct me to one.

    I'll explain my needs:
    I want to have a slider of images where I can navigate between them by moving the mouse to the corners of the carousel or by clicking on arrows plased of the left and right edges. below that slider (Carousel) I want to have another slider of images that is linked to the above one.
    If a certain image was picked (clicked) on the upper slider I would like to see in the lower slider images that are related to the clicked image. If a different image is clicked I would like to see a complete different set of images in the slider below.

    Hope I made myself clear.

    Please, any help will do.


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    Multi-page gallery is the closest I've seen to your requirement.
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    Thanks Fang. I believe that it can be modified to my needs but it requires some work and knowledge of css which I don't have.
    But... I'll work on it.
    If you or someone else can give me another sample that might be closer I'll be grateful (Not that I'm not already :-) )


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