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Thread: Java/J2ee IDE

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    Java/J2ee IDE

    I am creating one web application using Java/J2EE. My web page would contain menu and sub menu system.
    I have to use HTML/JSP/Servlet/EJB/SQL Server.

    For HTML I am using dream weaver and for java code notepad.
    I want to use some GUI tool to develop this application.
    1. GUI for developing HTML page and text editor for Java code with drag and drop facility for HTML and JAVA both with easy integration between these two technology components.
    2. Any single GUI tool which provide HTML and JAVA/J2EE editor and drag and drop facility for HTML and JAVA both.

    Please help me by suggesting!

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    I know Netbeans (an IDE provided by SUN which comes with an application server: Glassfish or Tomcat) provides the possibility to drag and drop HTML-elements like a form in your HTML page.

    Although this might not be what you want to use since you're required to use JSPs which are something else than plain HTML pages.

    Indeed, the goal is to minimize the amount of Java-code in the HTML but you'll still need some non-HTML tags in your HTML in order to make your JSP work. So I'm afraid you'll may be doing some things manually.


    you'll need the web and EE version

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