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Thread: Unable to Edit File

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    Unable to Edit File

    I'm EXTREMELY new to JSP and have what is probably a VERY basic question.

    I'm attempting to edit a JSP file in Notepad++ on our Tomcat server (6.0).

    Anytime I try to hit save, it says this:

    "Save File Failed - Please check whether if this file is opened in another program"

    I have tried stopping the Tomcat server process, it doesn't seem to work still.

    Anyone have ANY ideas on what I'm doing wrong? I can't say I've had this problem before...that I remember.

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    if file is on the server, then there are 2 things at least (could be more)
    1. Most of the web servers keep a lock on files
    So make sure you have web server shut down. And more importantly you should not work on those files directly under server, rather they should be worked on in some other development location
    2. Some web servers make files readonly,
    Solution: Once you have shut the server down, then make sure you change the files attribute from readonly to editable.

    Start with these and let us know what happens


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