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    Website Critique

    I would appreciate any Suggestions, Guideance or General Opinions on my website... http://www.arcticwindowcleaning.ie

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    try changing the border to '0' on that table and see how it looks...

    W3C compliance is great, but you dont really need the buttons on a business site that cleans gutters. your clients dont care.

    try some anti-alising on that logo text. it hurts the eyes a little.

    the link colours dont stay consistant in the navigation after you have visited a page. a visited color is great for articles, downloads, and other such links so the user knows what they have clicked and read already, but it looks tacky and inconsistant to use it for the main navigation.. set nav a color to the same as nav a color visited.

    on the link topic.. white links and white text make identifying links confusing in the middle of the content. try a separate colour.

    under price guide maybe make use of headers <h1><h2> and so on for better separation between services, all seems to blur together.

    and lastly you might want to store your style code in a seperate .css file, that way you only have to edit one file to make css changes to your site. right now if you want to change something you have to edit each of your htm files.

    try and avoid using spaces in those htm file names if you can.. use underscores if you have to, but generally you can just remove the space and make it priceguide.htm instead.

    thats just a quick overview.. hope that gives some direction until you post the next version.

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