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Thread: How long till you see the benefit of sites linking to you?

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    How long till you see the benefit of sites linking to you?

    So I've been supplementing and creating directory entries with a url in them, and am waiting to see them show up on site explorer inlink search, or in websitegraders inlink counter, but I see nothing. Its been about a week? Also if anyone has any link building strategies they would like to share, I would appreciate it!

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    It depends entirely on how frequently the site/page that links to you is crawled by the spiders. Once they crawl those pages they will take note of the link and should also follow it through and crawl your site (if it hasn't been indexed yet).

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    what you do today will benefit you in two months is my experience.

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    Would just like to second tarzan here. There is definitely a couple months lag between action and results... Its one of the main difficulties in proper seo as its hard to see what is working or not.

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