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Thread: Social Networking Site - best construction tools?

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    Social Networking Site - best construction tools?


    Ok, this topic may have been convered before, but I've searched the archives already and haven't managed to find anything, so any help would be great!

    The idea:
    To create a site using social networking ideas that connects organisations/groups with people interested in working with/for them on a temporary basis..

    My background:
    An eager learner and reasonably competant but by no means a tech whizz. (I know HTML and CSS but not javascript for example)

    Also, the site will be free to everyone.

    I found this:

    My question: does anyone have any experience working with any of these packages and could guide me as to which might be the most suitable/easy to use.

    Bit general I know, but any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks again,


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    um... anyone?

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    I’d recommend learning a server-side scripting language like VBScript or PHP, and some JavaScript for client-side stuff before attempting a social-networking site.

    This is perhaps the biggest area where it’s ‘all about the looks’.
    You wouldn’t believe some of the ‘reasons’ I’ve been given as to why people wouldn’t use sites I’ve written, but ‘Looks like Web1’ seems to be a favourite; although when pushed they never seem able to elaborate on this…

    I’ve had people say they are more likely to use a mediocre system that looks good, rather than a good system that looks bad but works well!
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