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Thread: Drop Down history in form fields

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    Drop Down history in form fields

    I have written my own js code for a dropdown form-field list based on a MySQL database table search against live typing into this form field.
    Problem is, my browsers all remember what I typed there before and now there is a conflict where the history list drops down over mine. My program depends upon the direct clicking of a row in my own js list but since this is covered with the history list, it does not work.
    How can I fix this?
    Is there a way to programmatically disable the cached list? Or is there some better way to go about it?

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    If you can, post your html and/or php code which would make it easier to try to find a solution.

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    <input ...  autocomplete="off"  ... />
    i dont know if this works, but i just firebugged google

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