Hello. I have a site up that uses StoresOnline as its hosting service. They also have a "storebuilder" which is kind of a template/point-and-click set up for websites. ("Insert Page name here", "add image here", etc)
They have a button in the element builder for adding a tooltip to an image, but no such feature for adding one to a text element. When I questioned "support" I was told that they couldn't find an answer on google(!) and recommended this site.
The issue at hand is that I'm not at all familiar with the tech and lingo of JavaScript. I've been to WaterZ and tried to use his files, but I got zero result when I ran the page.
I need some sort of tutorial on JavaScript (in PLAIN english, please) or someone with a kind heart to help me figure out the steps to get tooltips up for the site. (I guess the cheap answer is to try to turn all my text into image files...yikes)

Thanks in advance,