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    Split Page Into 3

    Hello everyone!

    I am a novice at web design and was wondering how I would split my page how it is into three different sections using divs! I am using dreamweaver cs3 so if you have any tips to make it easier instead of just adding the code that would be great!

    I need the left section to hold information about the site and a latest news feed.
    I need the center to hold videos and text.
    I need the right side to hold maybe some more text and links!

    Here is the site: http://activisionary.info

    I have added the left section already but I can't make the center or right div go by the side of it! Instead they either go into the div box or outside it!

    Thanks in advance!

    Ryan L

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    Create 3 divs for the page and assign them appropriate widths adding up to 100% maximum.

    Apply style float:left to the left and middle div and then you should end up 3 vertical sections on your page to add content.

    Make sure you add content to each div otherwise it might not be obvious they are there when you view the page.

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    Make sure you place your 3 divs within another div as a container and use clear:both for the style.

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