I am currently building an application for a client that wishes to login to his website admin panel and have the ability to upload a single video that will be uploaded to both Youtube and Facebook.

We have researched and found that it is very possible with the Youtube DataAPI using direct uploading.

However, we are still trying to wrap our heads around the Facebook video uploading. Does anyone have any insight to this being a possibility or can they provide feedback?

To make things clear our client wishes to go to www.hiswebsite.com/upload/ then he will login with his credentials. The next step is he wishes to click "Add a video" that will allow him to type the title, description and browse local library for a video. When he clicks upload the video will be submitted to both Facebook and Youtube.
We already know we must authenticate the user on both systems, but we are clueless on how to start with facebook.
Advise please. Thanks all.