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Thread: Good web host needed

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    Good web host needed

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to find a new web host, a damn good one!!! I need support for asp, preferably asp.net, and SQL Server. I need as much web space and bandwidth allocation as possible. Price isn't to much of an issue if the host is good enough. I've been looking around but most just don't make the grade. So if anyone knows any real good ones please let me know. UK based would be best but I would consider elsewhere.


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    I use Hosting Revolution www.hostingrevolution.net

    they have all the includes and the proces are the best i've seen. I'm running a php site using vbullitin and vportal

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    i use a company called cobweb solutions . I would recomend this company to everyone. Based in the UK they are microsoft partners and the are partners with Telewest broandband and provide hosting solutions for all telewests business clients. 24/7 tech support and 99% uptime. The also own there own Data Center which is very important. Price is 150 per year i thing is very reasonable.

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