Hi all,

I need to setup a bunch of accounts (~50) with Google which will later be hooked up to Analytics and the Webmaster tools and I will access them via their APIs. The problem is that Google will stop me from making accounts at a certain point because it thinks I'm spamming it. I've tried bypassing the issue by proxying through Tor, but that didn't work (I suspect the Tor nodes are already abused and blacklisted). I also drove around town with my iPhone hopping towers trying to setup accounts. Also didn't work. Phone verification also doesn't work because my phone is already linked to too many accounts...

So, I figure it's time to ask. How can I continue to setup Google accounts (NOT GMail...) without being considered a spammer? If there's a service from Google to whitelist my IP, even for a fee, I would be glad to sign up for it.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!