I really could use a little help regarding a PayPal form. I’ve used PayPal once in my life to receive money and the person who set this up is now too busy to finish it. I’m pretty certain it works, but the way it was set up is confusing to viewers and I'm trying to fix that. We are setting this up as a means for donating to a non-profit organization and we have a drop down menu with pre-selected options for specific amounts (there is a column on the actual website that describes how each amount helps). There is also a field just below this for plugging in a custom amount. The problem was that the drop-down menu gave 4 suggestions, but defaulted to the cheapest. The way the site was initially set up seemed to suggest the user had to chose an option from the drop-down menu. But then there was the box to type in the amount right under this menu. And I didn’t want the viewer to get confused and to get charged double. I added another field to the drop-down menu so the user could select custom amount THEN type in the custom field. My two questions are: 1) Do I have to do anything with the input tags with this option, like set value to null? Do I need input tags – presently I don’t have them. I just don’t want anything to submit off this drop-down menu if the user decides to type in their own amount. 2) Do the drop-down menu options actually look like they’d carry their value when submitting the form? It has occurred to me that maybe the last person just intended to have the user fill in the custom field, but that doesn’t seem logical. However, being completely unfamiliar with PayPal, I’d really appreciate if anyone could do a look-over for me.

<br /><select id="donationOptions" name="item_number"> 
<option selected="selected" value="Custom Donation">Custom Donation</option>
<option value="Purchase Basic Care Supplies">Purchase basic care supplies - $86</option> 
<option value="Heal the emotional scars of children">Heal the emotional scars of children - $118</option> 
<option value="Provide an acute care visit for a sick child">Provide an acute care visit for a sick child - $141</option> 
<option value="Provide one full year of acute care">Provide one full year of acute care - $705</option> 
<option value="Promote an infants healthy growth and development">Promote an infant&rsquo;s healthy growth and development - $846</option>
<input name="option_select0" type="hidden" value="Purchase Basic Care Supplies" /> 
<input name="option_amount0" type="hidden" value="86.00" /> 
<input name="option_select1" type="hidden" value="Heal the emotional scars of children" /> 
<input name="option_amount1" type="hidden" value="118.00" /> 
<input name="option_select2" type="hidden" value="Provide an acute care visit for a sick child" /> 
<input name="option_amount2" type="hidden" value="141.00" /> 
<input name="option_select3" type="hidden" value="Provide one full year of acute care" /> 
<input name="option_amount3" type="hidden" value="705.00" /> 
<input name="option_select4" type="hidden" value="Promote an infant&rsquo;s healthy growth and development" />
 <input name="option_amount4" type="hidden" value="846.00" />
Thank you so much for anything help!!