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Thread: Map a MouseOver image?

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    Question Map a MouseOver image?

    I am trying to combine an image map with a mouseover effect.

    A large image of a clover appears on the home page with an invitation to enter by clicking on the clover. As the visitor mouses over the image, a "new image" appears with a smaller clover in the center of it.

    The code I have works, except that the entire "new image" is clickable rather than just the small clover in the middle. Can this be accomplished using HTML?

    Sorry I can't post the the URL, because its for an AF CoP.

    Thanks for your help!


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    In the function that swaps the image, add a line that uses document.getElementById() to change the value of the usemap attribute of the <img> to the map name for the second image with the smaller clover.

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