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Thread: [RESOLVED] PHP Feed reader script

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    resolved [RESOLVED] PHP Feed reader script

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a free, open source, single file (so I can embed it anywhere) PHP Feed reader. I have looked all over the Internets but all I can find is badly-written trash (which are more than one file). Also it must be compatible with all kinds of feeds. Any good leads? Its the last thing I need to finish my thesis project and I'm bummed.


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    I think you would have a hard time finding one that is a single file. Even though the concept is easy, there are a lot of processes in parsing a remote xml file for display and some developers will implement other libraries to handle certain processes so as not to re-invent the wheel and add features to their app...and the better scripts will even cache the feeds to save bandwidth and increase speed on sites with heavy traffic, which is another set of scripts.

    Most readers will give a simple embed script which can be embedded anywhere though, with only the configuration of a few variables, but w3c has a tutorial of a smaller ajax based script which may help: here
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    Found one which was three or so scripts, merged them, added some CURL calls and all done

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