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Thread: MySQL5/PHP5 Update Syntax Error 1064?

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    Question MySQL5/PHP5 Update Syntax Error 1064?

    I'm getting an error 1064 in phpMyAdmin when I use the following syntax to update a MySQL5 database table:
    UPDATE trucks SET truckType='asd1', truckYear='ad1', make='asd1', model='sdf1', truckEngine='sdf1', transmission='sdf1', gvw='sdf1', axle='sdf1', mileage='sdf1', brakes='sdf1', tire='sdf1', wheel='sdf1', body='sdf1', bay='sdf1', aircond='sdf1', color='sdf1', decals='sdf1', wheelbase='sdf1', gear='sdf1', condition='sdf1', price='sdf1', units='sdf1' WHERE unit=1234
    Any ideas? All the field exist in the database.

    Thank you for any advice you can give.

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    Thanks, guys. I didn't know condition was "taken". phpMyAdmin didn't highlight it on the error. Fixed.

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    Would you mind marking as resolved. Thanks

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